Revolving door Injuries happen more often than you may think and are somewhat more prevalent than an automatic swinging door and automatic sliding door injuries. Two recent lawsuits for revolving-door injuries had one common element.

No daily inspections or security evaluations were produced by the management of these facilities at which the revolving doors were installed. Also, while critically important, the daily security checks wouldn’t have averted the resulting injuries in the multiple-user episodes.

Revolving Door Case Consultation No1:

A store patron was penetrating the revolving door from the inside of the store to exit the construction. From video-surveillance provided, an older patron chose to try and enter the revolving door from the exterior side of the shop just like the door panel has been approaching the fixed side panel of the drum.

The patron in the process of leaving the store had been completely consumed in a conversation with her friend sharing exactly the exact segmented compartment with this four-panel machine. Both ladies were not paying any attention for their own proximity with all the door wing immediately in front of them. They appeared to be less than two inches from the face of the doorway since they were exiting the store.Check out online websites if you want to explore more about equipment for doors – windows – furniture (which is also known as “อุปกรณ์สำหรับประตู – หน้าต่าง – เฟอร์นิเจอร์” in the Thai language )






When the elderly gentleman entered the zone protected by the beat security detector, the sensor conducted thoroughly and ceased the rotation of this doorway to prevent him from being trapped between your stationary panel and the coming door wing. One of the two ladies proceeded walking forward into the winged panel in the front of her, breaking her lips.

Revolving Door Case Consultation No2:

A woman was leaving a store, entered the revolving door while talking on her cell phone. A mother, pushing her small daughter in a desk attempted to enter the revolving doorway, and the door abruptly stopped due to their proximity with all the entrance door panel and also the panel that was adjusted. The girl with the mobile phone smashed her face and phone into the door panel at the front of her, breaking both the glass panel of this revolving door wing and 2 of her front tooth.

Revolving Floor:

Revolving doors are the most dangerous sort of automatic door systems utilized. However, that does not mean that they are not just a practical item. Most manufacturers do everything possible to create products that possess multiple and redundant safety devices and detectors.

The revolving doorway systems are usually the most complex products of almost any automated door line. Whenever these devices are all working in harmony with properly corrected components and a sensory input signal, there is still 1 facet of the doors that cannot be controlled. That variable is the erratic inconsistent and often impatient behavior of the average door user.