When a round is played at a room, the client will save a history of the hands of the players along with their playing style.  But, let me tell you one thing, it would not be easy for your find the exact reply of a hand because there are lot of files to navigate and search through. It’s the time when a tracking program will help you because it can show you the hand replays in an easy to understand way.

The hand histories are used in many programs and HUD use it to gather information, tracking software use it as well as some table selection programs use it. You may also use Ignition HUD card catcher these days and it is also available with the 7 days trial version.

Why is it good with more histories?

The hands on the tables can be used to gather details about your opponents you have played against before. When you are using heads up display software program, it will collect details while you are at the table. The more hands you play at the table, the more details about your opponents will be stored into your hard drive. Sample size is essential when you are using stats from HUD. The good thing about purchasing hand replays is that you will have plenty of data about the opponents even before you start playing at a table.