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Kandy, Sri Lanka – The Citadel on the hills

Just around 11-5 Km from the capital city of Colombo, Kandy is however completely distinct, awarded its high elevation of about 500m and its own verdant green rolling mountains using tea plantations committing a scenic perspective.

Kandy, from time ago, was the secure citadel. It effortlessly repelled the progress of this Dutch and Portuguese invasions-who mastered the coastal regions of the island for over three decades.

The city maintains its classical atmosphere having its own buildings claiming the structure of older. So if you are looking for the best hotels in kandy city, visit

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The King being the principle of this property was charged with the administration of this Sacred Tooth Relic and also thus the temple proved to be part of that which was formerly the Royal Palace.

This really is currently the National Museum home lots of artifacts from the past and holds the agreement detailing the way the united states was passed from the British.

Even the Temple – famous too for its structure – celebrates a procession (popularly called being a Perahera) yearly in the weeks of July/August for a time of 10 days. This bright pageant boasting colorful tuckers, the nilames (headmen), torch-bearers, flame fighters, drummers, dancers, plus far more, induces the city to become thronged with people in that moment.

Besides this, the Customer may also benefit from the lake at the very middle of town, the Peradeniya Gardens, in Addition to the Tea Museum located in the Hanthana Tea Factory.


Wardrobe Essentials for Men


New trends keep replacing old. They come and go every year. Wardrobe essentials are not just for style but it’s also about keeping you happy. These are some of the essential wardrobes every man should have it with.

  1. Crew Neck T-shirt (White) – This type of t-shirt suits well on men who have a lean physique. One of the best features of the t-shirt is the look and feel when worn.
  2. Trench Coat – The trench coat traditionally used to drop below the knee level. But as times change, so has the look of it. The modern ones have a shorter cut which gives a fresh look on men after wearing.
  3. Grey Sweatshirt –Sweatshirt in grey are classic. Although it’s a classic, try to wear this sweatshirt which is simple with no hoody. This will give a grown-up look on men.
  4. Colorful socks –Nowadays, there are colorful socks that suit the color of the suit for men. This makes one look quite different from the rest.
  5. Colorful running shoes –Colorful running shoes make it a lot more fun when worn outside. Plus, it gives style and personality to men.
  6. Comfortable board shorts – Traditionally, these shorts were only made for experienced surfers. But now they can be worn for casual purpose too. These shorts are also available in all sizes from 30 to xxl. So, men’s board shorts xxl is also available if that’s the size you wear.

Melbourne- The Perfect Destination For Your Wedding

Melbourne is the best choice for couples who wish to plan the ultimate destination wedding. Melbourne offers a variety of romantic escapes that will make your wedding exceptional and unique, allowing you to indulge in various adventures, from wildlife viewing to wine tastings and from the secluded beaches to vigorous city life.

If you do not believe me, then plan a trip to Melbourne and see it for yourself. If you are considering a beach wedding, then Melbourne is the right place for you. There are a number of beautiful beaches available in the Melbourne, where you can plan a wonderful beach wedding with your close relatives and friends in attendence.

St Kilda Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Melbourne that gives you an opportunity to spend some time away from the rush and hustle of city life. In order to get to your wedding destination, you can hire one of the best wedding limos in Melbourne. Contact Melbourne 13 Cabs for hiring a wedding limo.

You can also plan your wedding at Crown Melbourne, Seaview Room, Brighton Savoy, Quat Quatta, Ascot House Receptions and Tatra Receptions. The fabulous views that you get at these destinations make them excellent locations for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

For those who would like to combine a meal as part of their wedding reception, Leonda By The Yarra is an excellent wedding spot, as you get an astounding view of the Yarra Valley and river. If you finally decide the Melbourne for your wedding, then don't forget to contact best wedding limo hire Melbourne at Melbourne 13 Cabs.

They offer the beautifully decorated wedding limousine with great facilities as per their client's requirements. Since wedding season is about to start in the city, you must not waste time on booking your wedding car. Book it now in order to get the best car at the most affordable price.


How to install your new caravan antenna

So you heading off on the road and having done some research it's apparent that you need a specific kind of TV antenna for your motorhome or caravan, regardless of the routes in which you are travelling you need to ensure you have a reception at all times.

So you turn to a dedicated antenna. Before you do that check this out.

Now, how do you go about installing your new caravan antenna?

Where to place the antenna on my vehicle?

You will have to take into consideration how sturdy the material of the vehicle is and its height.  If for example, you choose to fix it the roof you will have to ensure that the screws and junctions are entirely sealed otherwise you are going to run into major corrosion problems that will turn into leakages and will end up making you wish you'd just brought some DVD's with you.

The antenna installation

Caravan TV antennas are different from the antennas you’re accustomed to at home. A caravan TV antenna is optimised to pick-up the whole spectrum of signals with as little effort on your behalf as possible, so directionality shouldn't be too much of an issue.

All Caravan TV antenna comes with instructions, and there are no hidden surprises with fitting an antenna it involves nuts and bolts and screwing parts in.

Here are a few rules-of-thumb when it comes to installation:

Maintain at least 10" for the edge of the roof.

Stick to the drilling dimensions in the manual.

Look out for wiring before you drill.

Ensure to use sealant once you have affixed the mount to the frame whether roof or side and seal completely.

Decide upon the location of your new antenna, making sure that you maintain at least 10” from the edge of the caravan’s roof.

Drill holes through the roof and ceiling, as per the instructions and dimensions are given in the installation manual.

Ensure that you don’t drill through any wiring or cabling.

Install the antenna mount, and seal all junctions.

You should now be ready to start viewing your favourite TV channels on the go.


There Are Certain Rules To Wear Stylish Swimwear

Boardshorts are considered as stylish icon on the beach side. There are multiple advantages of using boardshorts as they are used for swimming, surfing or simply to wear on beach but there some important things to take care of while wearing the boardshorts.


Never Buy Board Shorts With Elastic Waist Bands: Board shorts speak the style statement and if one will wear it with elastic waistband then definitely he will look awkward. Board shorts serve various purpose and they can be worn for various water sports. They are also worn for casual beach walk and one looks perfectly stylish for wearing them. They come in bold colors and they look attractive. Various brands of swimwear provide boardshorts. If the person found the board shorts with elastic waistband then he should never purchase them or wear them because it is not something to wore this way.

When Sun Goes Down Time For Boardshorts Get Over: While you have spend your whole day in great comfort while wearing board shorts but when you are getting out of lake or pool then it's time to change board shorts. Boardshorts do look attractive and make the person look stylish but only at day time. Once the sun goes down it’s time to come in formal clothing for night party as no one wants to stand by you if you are still in board shorts. Mens long board shorts are something which is expected to be worn in daytime near water.


How To Pack Food For Car Camping

There's no car camping without food, unless you're planning on fishing for all of your food. Even if you're planning on doing that, though, are you really going camping without drinks? Probably not. So, you may as well plan on bringing other foods, too, and learning how to pack them properly for the trip. 

You need a dry box to hold all of your non-perishable, dry items. This can be anything from pasta to flour to whatever else you may want to bring with you to cook with. Some classic snack foods for car camping are chips, marshmallows, and trail mix. But, feel free to pack whatever dry foods you want. 

Next, you'll need somewhere to keep cold foods, such as dairy, cheese, hot dogs, and other types of meat so they don't spoil. A traditional cooler with ice in it is what most people do, but you always end up having to drive back into town to get more ice. If you don't want to have to do that, a portable fridge freezer is the solution for that problem. You can read more about that here:

Whatever type of food you're going to bring, you're going to have to have something to cook it with. A solid set of camping cookware is a must to take with you and these sets can range anywhere from $25 to $100, depending on what you want to include. You'll also need prep bowls, knives, and other utensils to prepare the food with before you cook it. And definitely don't forget the aluminum foil!

Fuel and fire starters are also necessary for preparing food. Bring matches, lighters, propane for your camp stove (if you have one), or you can rub 2 sticks together. Just make sure you have a reliable way to start a fire. 

Something else to bring are standard cooking spices. These can vary from household to household, though; my house uses a lot of paprika, while yours may use a lot of onion powder or something else. Bring whatever you use the most often, but definitely don't skip the salt & pepper.



No better place to elope than to Bedarra Islands


Bedarra is a comprehensive private tropical promised land and has Australia’s most solitary resorts and the transcendent in the barefoot luxury. It consists of 10 private villas cloakedbetween the 45 hectares of rainforests, offering reclusiveness and views beyond the turquoise clear waters of Great Barrier Reef. The guests are blessed with a sanctuary of solace and seclusion.

Where the sun smiles and sea Whispers

Bedarra's philosophy centralizes on relaxation. It is located 10 km off the coast outside of mission beach in tropical north Queensland. It is perfect for chivalrous getaways and a tropical honeymoon in the island of Queensland Australia. Here in this amazing island time is determined only by the motion of the sun. Bedarra Island is excellent for beach picnics and for getting away during the day. The island has too many beaches than visitor usually.

Astonishing view of tropical paradise

The reality of Bedarra island great barrier reef is even deeper enclaving than the delusion. The island is approachable only by special launch from Dunk Island which proves to be the supreme tropical island vacation gateway. One can calm themselves and recapture the senses in a tropical ambience. Since there are less place to stay which are covered and hidden in tropical forest provide magnanimous exotic 180° pictures from all quarters including bed so that guests can enjoy privacy and seclusion

Unforgettable! That’s what holidays meant to be

Tourists are totally enclosed by the melody of the ocean and there is nothing better than awaking and taking a revitalizing swim in the clear crystal waters. The guests are greeted with the bottle of French champagne. This tropical heavenly kingdom is the gem in the crown accompanying the world beating resorts. So this place is a must visit during vacations.


Do You Know About Chauffeur And How They Are Different From Ordinary Drivers?

Going from one place to another often becomes chaotic and annoying. To avoid getting into such hassles, you can hire a cab or taxi. Moreover, if you are new to the city or country, then it is suggested to hire such services as they will help you reach your destination without any problem. Now, the main thing for you to consider is whether you want to travel in an ordinary taxi that is driven by a makeshift driver or a spacious luxury car that is driven by a professional chauffeur. There is a big difference between the two.

If you don’t know the main differences between Chauffeur driven car and ordinary driver, then let’s understand it in this post.

Let’s discuss who is a chauffeur and how they are different from the ordinary driver.

A chauffeur is a qualified and skilled person who is meant to drive Luxury cars or corporate transfers in Melbourne. A chauffeur can be Hired or personal depending on you.

Nowadays, Chauffeur cars Melbourne are in a great demand. There is an infinite number of cab service companies that provide affordable and reliable chauffeurs and cars on hire basis. If you are visiting Melbourne next week, then hiring a chauffeur driven car well be proven economical and best for your city traveling.

Difference between both

Chauffeurs serve you better than ordinary driver: If we talk of the normal driver, then they will simply take you to the desired destination. You will not get any special service like if you want to have tea or coffee on the way to your destination, then the normal driver will not get coffee to you whereas, if you ask the same from chauffeur, then he will definitely arrange the same for you.

Chauffeurs are well experienced:

A chauffeur is a well-trained and professional person whereas anyone can be the driver and can take you to the place from your location. The chauffeur knows how to speak to the customer and how to take them safely to the destination.


Nyauw Gunarto Will Give You Motivation To Become A Painter

If you want to master the art of painting, then you will have to devote an ample amount of time and effort in the same. Painting is one of those art forms that need a raw base, so if you think that you are going to perfect this art by continuous practice, then that’s wrong. You need to have a base upon which you can work in order to improve your painting skills. Let me put it in a simpler way, If you want to become a painter, so you need to check whether you are drawing pictures that make any sense or not. If your drawing is not good at all, then it doesn’t matter how much you try, you will never become a top painter.

                                     Nyauw Gunarto Painting Nelson Mandela

You will have to put an extraordinary effort if you want to see your name on the list of top painters. If you think you have a strong base that you can work upon, then you can think of pursuing the career of becoming a painter. I would like to give you an example of Nyauw Gunarto, who found his painting skills at a very small age. He worked hard to improve his painting skills and by the age of 15, he became a master at painting. He could draw all kinds of paintings with utmost perfection, which is something that not many people are able to achieve.

                                       nyauw gunarto

But, when it comes to highlighting paintings by Nyauw Gunarto Semarang, then I’d say that his paintings on nature are really mesmerizing. If you take a look at his nature paintings just once, then you will fall in love with the paintings and his mindset. You can find his paintings in art galleries that are situated anywhere in the world, or you can go online and search for Nyauw Gunarto. You will be surprised to know how much appreciation he has received for his paintings.


Retire with ease and a sense of security


Retirement should only mean relaxation and a time when one can enjoy their time with their family. However, the financial insecurity can make people worry about their post retirement period. The key to a stable and tension free retirement is planning before hand. Those who have some financial and living plans set in mind tend to enjoy their retirement period without stress. It is always better to opt for professional help when it comes to retirement investment and planning.

Consider shifting to an affordable place

People may think it will be an expensive affair if they move to a new city/country post retirement. The truth is actually the quite opposite as some countries have benefits for people post retirement and are aware of the struggles and financial insecurity that the retired people may face. A country like Thailand is one of the best places to live in after retirement. One must find out about the accommodation costs, medical charges, food and transport. After finding out all relevant information, one will love to retire in Thailand as it is cheaper and is quite comfortable.

Website for help/consultation

Internet is quite powerful and we all make regular use of it for our research and other purposes. Similarly, there are a few websites that are dedicated to retirement plans and discussions. The aim of such websites is to create a chance for people to plan for their retirement and when the time comes, they have everything planned and are financially capable to take care of the family and personal needs.

Retire with complete security and confidence!