McGregor To Be Stopped By Mayweather

Mayweather is indeed one of the best and undisputed fighters in the history of boxing and he has the greatest potential and asset that every fighter should possess. On the 26th of August will be one of the biggest fight that is going to happen in the history of boxing and his opponent Conor McGregor will be his greatest milestone in the contact sport industry. On the same note about the fight’s profit potential, the Mayweather vs McGregor live stream is already on a roll and could entice more and more audience as the day goes by. It is also estimated that there will be more than 5 million PPV buys alone for the fight. Price seats go up to $500 in the event area and that is by far an amount that not everyone can afford but the elite, however, PPV are available for them as well. With these and the probable results that it would bear to the fighters, it is sure that they will be earning more than what they’ve previously earned.

The Mayweather McGregor bout is the highlight for this year and the most anticipated by far by many. Although McGregor may have more supporters and fans than Mayweather, many are still in favor that Mayweather is going to win the fight and that is because of the immense experience that he already has in the ring, professionally. Not the contrary, underdogs in the ring are mostly favored by boxing fans, they are more excited to see them fight in the ring and face the best opponent handed to them. There is a big chance as well to upset the greatest contender and who knows a knockout will happen in favor to the underdog. Although McGregor should some great potential to win and youth against Mayweather, however, experience and wit in the ring will always prevail once they face off in the event.


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