Essentially an affiliate program is your personal sales army of individuals (a.k.a. your affiliates) who'll head out and recommend your products and applications for you and in return, you will pay a commission on what they sell.

The commission level can be anything you want it to be, but my very own tastes are 50 percent on electronic products and 20-25percent on class programs. To find the Affiliate tracking software to Track Campaigns visit Affiliate Pro.

You may supply your affiliate with an exceptional affiliate ID that they will then put within their ezines, in their blogs and sites, talk to their social networks etc. A guest will come along for their site (or where they have put their affiliate link) read about your merchandise and programs, follow on the link to YOUR sales page, and then BUY your merchandise.

Since they came out of the affiliate site (and the machine knows this due to the exceptional affiliate ID your affiliate gets) your affiliate will earn commission on that sale. And it is all automatic so the system protects the commissions and sales.

In a nutshell, what affiliate applications mean to you and your company is that you:

Have your Personal sales military

Can utilize it as a list-building/web marketing tool

Can build Your Company through joint ventures with other company owners

Could get others to market your products and applications

Will generate a consistent revenue flow i.e. additional merchandise sales

The affiliate software to have the ability to monitor individual affiliates and give them a exceptional affiliate ID so that cookies could be monitored and affiliate revenue implemented appropriately.