Either it is a bedroom balcony or a kitchen balcony; you can make it a peaceful place with a little sense of gardening. Little modifications and efforts can turn your area into a place where not only you as well as other people like to spend time.

 For balcony garden doesn’t need much work; by a splash of colors and adjusting a few items can bring life to your dull balcony. And there are many  fabric pots & air pruning pots designed for increased yield.

how to grow a cutting in water

Only some people have a balcony in a bedroom at home and for those people who love plants and flowers, for them, this small space is the only green place. A balcony is a small area with restrictions for choosing the plants and arrangement of decorative pots.

Bedroom balcony is a place of luxury and pleasure, where one can enjoy her or his time in the center of colorful and scented plants with a feel of natural scenery.

You can arrange plants like this; a large pot that contains large plant should be in center and around them

Small pots with small plants or flower should be placed. For comfort place a chair and table in between so that in your free time you can enjoy the fragrance of the flowers with a cool feeling. Even you can enjoy your hot and warm nights in your balcony with the breathtaking starry view.

 The choice of plants completely depends upon some conditions like shade availability of sunlight etc.

Before choosing the plants you should know that plants behave differently under sunlight and shady condition.