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Understanding The Differences Between Massage And Reflexology

If you are not familiar with reflexology, it can be compared to a foot massage. They are alike since both of these activities use the hands to apply pressure on the feet. With that said, the purpose of each is very different. 
Massage is intended to ease muscles that are sore and/or stiff. They are also useful when trying to get rid of stress. After working all week, a massage can be just what the doctor ordered. 
Reflexology has a different purpose. The point is to rid all energy blockages that are present in the reflexes of the foot. Reflexologists think each part of the foot corresponds to a different part of the body. These areas of the feet are known as reflexes. When pressure is placed on a reflex, it clears the blockages, puts the balance back in line and helps the corresponding body part or organ.
While massage is only centered on the muscles, reflexology is about restoring balance in the whole body. Both of these have their purpose and it is possible to have both done in one session. That would depend on whether the massage therapist happens to be skilled as a reflexologist. Try finding someone with both skills if you want to take care of everything all at once.

Deep Tissue Massage – Muscle Tendon & Ligament Relief

Deep Tissue massage or myofascial release is a massage technique that specializes in liberating restrictions inside the deeper layers of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Deep tissue massage releases continual patterns of anxiety inside the body through gradual strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas. You can visit http://massago.ca/ to know more about deep tissue massage.

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Using slow strokes and deep stress or friction implemented throughout the grain of the muscles not with the grain, deep tissue massage first warms the soft tissue before focused on deeper muscles groups.

Deep Tissue massage:

Deep tissue massage is both corrective and therapeutic. It uses methods, direct or oblique and is effective in releasing deeply-held patterns of tension, getting rid of pollution, relaxing and soothing muscular tissues.

With both techniques, the amount of stress applied is depending on the quantity of resistance.

Fingertips, knuckles, arms, elbows, and forearms are all used with lengthy, gradual strokes.

Some of the greater well-known include:-

a)   Polarity remedy

b)   Thai massage

c)   Trigger point therapy

Advantages of a Deep Tissue massage:

It is important to drink plenty of water afterward to flush away the pollutants released throughout the massage. This is the best form of Therapeutic massage

The important thing advantages of deep tissue massage consist of:

•   Elimination of the blocks that cause muscle tightness.

•   Increases circulation of blood, lymph, cerebrospinal and interstitial fluids.

•   Can remedy many persistent ache patterns through releasing deeply held emotions that cause anxiety.

•   Helps in enhancing the functioning of the inner organs and any associated signs and symptoms or illnesses.

•   Improves posture and mobility.

Deep Tissue massage – Choosing a Therapist

While considering a deep tissue massage, ensure you select a therapist you feel secure with and one that comes from a good organization. You can see this here to get more information about deep tissue massage.

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Salons, spas, health and fitness clubs usually provide deep tissue massage, or you contact a cell spa or and have a deep tissue massage in the consolation of your own home.