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Tips For Applying Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is one of the trickiest parts of the complete makeup look, and getting is right is crucial for a flawless look. To make this task simpler for you, we provide a guide to get flawless eye makeup look every time.


  • Eye shadow primer

Eye shadow primer is an essential product, if you want your eye make-up to go on flawlessly, and stay is place, without smudging or spreading over time. A good quality primer is an excellent investment as it will help our eye shadow to hold its place in sweat and rain. It also gives an excellent finish to your eye shadow.

  • High quality eye shadow

Invest a good eye shadow palette with a high pigment and a good texture. Most palettes on the market today have pigment that disappears within a few hours, or hardly show up on the lid. Getting a high pigment eye shadow palette prevents this from happening. Among several companies selling mineral makeup Australia has many that provide some amazing eye shadows.

  • Blending and coloring

Make sure you blend in the eye shadow well into the crease, and onto lid. A good way to go about it is to start off with the lightest shade and build color slowly by adding darker shades deeper into the crease. Cover the lid a shade of your choice, or glitter eye shadow. Add emphasis by highlighting the brow bone, and adding a lighter shade into the inner eye.

Give yourself a flawless look every time and make sure you use the right set of tools.


Guide for Applying Foundation to Oily Skin

Many of you with oily skin must get bothered every time it comes to makeup. Well you need not worry. Given below are a few steps that, once followed, could actually turn your mind around on how your skin type is less of a bother and more of an adventure:

Courtesy: BeautyHealth

1. First up, face cleansing!

The first step is the same for all skin types; you wash your face with any facewash that you use regularly. Use a clean towel to gently dab the water away. Give your face about 2-3 minutes of rest before you move on to the next step.

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Moisturizing is essential. Moreover, it’s when mineral makeup tends to stick the best to your skin. For oily skins, it is most preferred to mix a mineral-based primer to your moisturizer.

3. Conceal, don’t feel, sand don’t let it show!

For a full coverage, the use of concealer is adequate. Apply it with a concealer brush over the dark spots and red patches you need hidden.

4. Powder it up!

Take a small amount of mineral powder. Use a kabuki brush to take up all the powder and apply it not in heaps, but gently. A kabuki brush covers greater surface area, mineral makeup reviews suggest.

5. Buff, don’t hoard

Keep in mind; circular and light. This focuses on maximum coverage.

6. Layering is caring

Maintaining layers of mineral foundation will achieve a natural look. To cover the entire face and neck, apply the product in a circular motion.

There, now you’re good to go! Now you can welcome the day with a brighter version of yourself.