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4 Great Things to Explore Cebu on a Budget

Let us conclude that there’s no such thing as a cheap traveler. It is more like to be a smarter traveler with a particular set of skills in looking for what is good for a person with a tight budget.

Here are the 5 great things you can do as you explore Cebu and make the most out of your trip to the Queen City of the South.

Ask a Cebuano

You can use social media to crowdsource for the information you need in finding the best way or would be better if you have a friend or two in Cebu so that you can canvass for good price and all. When you arrive on the Island, don’t be surprised by Cebuano’s hospitability and how welcoming they are. That is one of the admirable traits that Filipinos have.

Book for Car Rental

Are you looking for ways that will make you avoid the hassles of public transportations? You can book for Cebu van rental service that you can do through online. With great service that you can rely on and with self-drive service which is more preferable.

Eat Where Cebuanos Eat

When you’re looking for cheap places where you can eat, Cebuanos are great on that. With just a budget of 3 dollars, you’ll leave the place with a full stomach. The best options you can find are in the food courts in the mall, fast food chains, or weekend food markets such as Sugbo Merkado. And if your budget is flexible, you won’t be happy leaving Cebu if you never try the famous Cebu Lechon.

Experience Cebu in its essence

Pack everything you need especially the essentials. Bring a lot of cash because some stores in Cebu are not capable of card transactions. Start to wander in the Colon which is the oldest street in the Philippines. Observe people as they go about their daily lives. Drop by to places like the Magellan’s Cross, and Museo Sugbo as you explore and uncover the history of the place.


The Ultimate Car Hire Checklist

For some individuals, leasing an auto is a bad dream yet that is not the way it ought to be. We've assembled this convenient auto contract agenda that will direct you through the things you have to do once you've booked your vacation auto employ. From the DVLA code to shielding yourself from unforeseen charges, you'll discover all the data you require here.

Before You Leave

Book your rental auto through Economy Car Hire!

What You Need to Hire a Car and Collect it

Driving permit

I know it's conspicuous yet around 9% of tenants overlook their permit when gathering a contract auto. Ensure any other individual who wishes to drive as an extra driver has theirs as well.

Credit Card

When gathering a contract auto, you MUST have a substantial Mastercard in the primary driver's name. It empowers the provider to approve a security store, which covers any stopping or speeding fines, un-safeguarded parts of the vehicle, fuel charges if pertinent, and in the far-fetched occasion that a case is made when the protection has been discredited.

Extra ID Required

In case you're procuring an auto in the UK

You will ordinarily need to give your travel permit and verification of address, for example, bank proclamations or service bills.

Print Your Voucher

On the off chance that you have booked with us, you will require your prepaid auto contract voucher when you gather the auto. You should have a printed duplicate with you when you gather your vehicle. We would dependably suggest printing 2 duplicates – one for you and one for the provider. In the event that you lose your print out, get in touch with us and we can send this straightforwardly to the provider. A few providers may acknowledge you demonstrating to them your voucher on your cell phone or tablet gadget.

What to do Upon Collection?

Examine the Vehicle for Damage

It doesn't make a difference how dim it is or how tired you are, assess the vehicle intently for any indications of harm. On the off chance that you don't, you could be charged for another person's harm. Ensure you check it over with the operator and bring up ANY imprints they've missed. Make a show of taking photographs and give careful consideration to the wheels.

Check the Fuel Level

Take a photograph of the fuel gage and hold fast to the fuel approach. For instance, gather brimming with fuel, return full.

Cebu car rental services offer the best deals on affordable and reliable vehicles 


A Kalanggaman Island Package

   Philippines is comprised of thousands and thousands of islands and apparently, the country takes pride of the wonderful spots that it has. For non-local and foreign travelers, beaches are the most common place to stay and spend the rest of the days’ vacation. Kalanggaman (Calanggaman) Island is the perfect paradise and actually it already made a name for itself as the place remained as untouched as it was before. It is indeed a paradise to pure travelers and even to photographers. All the amenities and needs are available in the island as well for their convenience and satisfaction. 

   A Kalanggaman Island Package is available, a bundled deal for tourists to enjoy as their activities are all planned in the itinerary. Water sports activities can be done in the island, stand-up paddle board, with surrounding fish sanctuaries, free diving, snorkeling and recreational diving too. The island takes pride of how rich and diverse its marine ecosystem as locals made sure that those sanctuaries are safe-guarded strongly. Sunsets in the island are perfect, it is more than relaxing and it sets the positive mood. Tourists keep coming back as they always leave good memories and the experience is definitely irreplaceable as apparently, the island has its own satisfaction that it gives to any tourist that stays.