Thai food culture- Thai eating etiquettes for the uninitiated

Thailand is a country having a rich and diverse culture. It is a country visited by tourists for its beaches which boasts of crystal blue water. Equally popular is the Thai food full of flavors and taste.


Some do’s and don’ts of Thai eating etiquette are:

  1. Eat with the spoon and not with the fork. The fork is used to gather the food on to the spoon. So catch the fork in the left hand and spoon in the right.
  2. Thai people don’t use chopsticks to eat noodles. Do not ask for chopsticks and knife if they are not provided.
  3. Always share the food on the table. While serving put two spoons of the dish on to your plate. You can always have a second serving later.
  4. Do not leave any food on the plate. Take servings of only the dish you want to eat. Politely refuse the food that you don’t want to eat.
  5. Sticky rice is to be had with your fingers.
  6. Eat slowly and do not talk with food in your mouth.
  7. Do not slurp the noodles. Eat as quietly as you can.
  8. Do not take the good part in a dish to yourself. 
  9. Do wait till the senior at the table invites everyone to start the meal.
  10. Take the food from the side of the serving plate and not from the center of it.

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