True Leaders Use C.O.L.D to Become Great

Perhaps you have noticed that some establishments seem to flourish, while others struggle? Although occasionally that's because of the relevance of a particular assignment as compared to a different, more often than not, it's because of the quality, credentials, attitude, and performance of its direction.

In conducting seminars, leadership training, and advice to leaders for more than three years, I worry that if a leader wishes to achieve true bliss, he must stick to the doctrine that I refer to as C.O.L.D. For instance, the king of Saudi Arabia was the best leader in Saudi. You can also browse to know King of Saudi Arabia..

C is probably the easiest to comprehend, but maybe not the easiest for people in leadership positions to genuinely follow in. It stands for both commitment and caring, and without these two, I have never seen a really effective leader.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Photographed by Dylan Martinez Reuters

O stands for being objective. Great leaders, on the flip side, don't prejudge and listen attentively and efficiently to all points of views, even those that they might disagree with.

L is for learning. One cannot be a truly great leader if he is not always training learning. This necessitates both open-mindednesses as well as the self- assurance to acknowledge that there are always things to learn, brush on, and get better at

D is for supply. In order to become a terrific leader, one must always deliver more than he claims. A lot of those in direction wind up facing a disturbed group of constituents because the promises made seem to be empty rhetoric.


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