Why Belt Length Of Stanchions Are Important And Beneficial?

Have you ever thought that the length of stanchions belt can also make a vital difference? The length of the belt normally is seen from 5' to 12'. However, the question here is, why the length of these rectangular belts is so important?

First benefit is if you use longer belt it will help you in using less stanchion posts that will means less expense and less maintenance cost. Let's elaborate to get a better idea, suppose you are going to create a line for 50 persons with 6' belt, this will take around 30 stanchion posts on the other hand if you will use belts of 14' length this will reduce the numbers of posts from 30 to 17 or you can say almost half.

These are mostly effective when you have to divide the area through stanchions. At these kind of places you have to go long to divide the area properly and if stanchion belt is of less length than you will spend immense money on the posts to make it properly work. However if you use belt of extended length then you can easily cover the area that you want to separate from the rest without using much of the stanchion post. Get more ideas, facts and knowledge about Stanchions Vancouver at [email protected], etc.


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