Why is there a lack of Indian paintings in the global stage?

For an entire generation of people that have grown up with the obvious lack of knowledge about Indian paintings, it becomes suffocating for them to know about great painters like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and a lot of other Italian Renaissance masters. They have to realize that Indians are also exceptional painters, but only for the lack of exposure on their part. However, that trend is changing with painters like thota vaikuntam making a beeline for the global stage, and ensuring that there is appropriate representation from this part of the world.

Indian paintings have definitely brought about a lot of change in how people think for themselves, particularly those that are dealing with the proper understanding of quality paintings. This is the reason why when people see the village life in Thota Vaikuntam paintings, they remain mesmerized. It is definitely a work of art, something that you would want for yourself without any issues of problems. This is by far the best thing that could have happened when it concerns the quality of paintings and every other thing that you take into account. As Indians, this quality of painting is to leverage that can entitle you to watch everything at a global platform.


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